About us

Our company has been a pioneer in the construction industry for the last twenty years. With the conviction that tourism is our heavy industry, we decided to enter the tourism industry with the construction of a luxury hotel unit in the city of Drama. Although the investment coincided with the deep economic crisis experienced by our country, our company managed to complete the construction of a luxury hotel within 3 years, which was considered by many perhaps the best luxury hotel built and operated during this period, nationwide. The upgraded services offered by our hotel, Hydrama Grand Hotel, are reflected in our customers’ positive feedback who rank us first - with excellent infrastructure and services.
With the hotel experience, we have gained and always with a view to pioneering, we decided to make the first Retirement & SPA village in Greece, and more specifically in Heraklion, Crete. With ideal climatic conditions 12 months a year.

Eternal Olive is a retirement and wellness village consisting of two seperate projects that combined make a fully equipped rejuvenating retirement village

Bellow we can see the site map of the Projects Facilities

Project A

A1 Main Building - Well-being Therapy Space (2,150m2)
A2 Polyclinic
A3 Disabled Building
A4 Private Villas
A5 Main Pool
A6 Parking
A7 Golf
A8 Paddle Court
A9 Tennis Court
A10 Farm

Project B

B1 Main Restaurant - Snack Bar - Apartments
B2 Lobby + Apartments
B3 Apartments
B4 Apartments
B5 Apartments
B6 Private Villas
B7 Main Pool
B8 Jacuzzi
B9 Amphitheater
B10 Pharmacy - Microbiological Lab - Medical Supplies